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Time In Words–A Clock With A Difference

The Qlocktwo by Biegert & Funk is unique. It tells you the time in not only words but complete sentences. Taking a literal approach to the way we read time has created a new concept in clocks and this idea supported by the sleek and beautiful design of Biegert & Funk has produced a fantastic product.


The interchangeable faceplate looks as if it is floating, fixed to a back support by only magnets. The faceplate comes in a range of 7 colours and the clock is available in over 10 languages. The clock isn’t cheap at $1000 but good news! The company has come up with an iPhone/Android app that can be downloaded for just 99 cents. The Image below shows the different ways the app can show time based on the original concept for the wall clock. A perfect partner for the project!



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May Presentation (Prezi)

SketchUp Walk Through Of Design

Prezi Presentation

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Twitter Has Landed

tweet1As you can tell by the new bar that has appeared at the right of my posts, I have finally joined twitter! It took me a while to get to grips with WordPress so I get a feeling I will find Twitter just as tricky!

I thought it would be appropriate to do a twitter related post and after a quick search came across this great little idea…




This is the TweetingSeat by Chris McNicholl, an interactive park bench that creates both a physical and digital connection to its users. The bench has its own twitter feed, every time someone sits on the bench, a log is created and photographs from two cameras are taken of the users and how they interact with the bench and the environment.

tweet3I don’t know if the bench has its own wireless that allows others to sit on the bench and update their own twitter but I hope it does! This would be great as you can log your location on twitter and tell the world you are tweeting from the TweetingSeat.

More information on the TweetingSeat is available here.

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The Piggy Bank That Saves Money For You!

I spotted this cheeky little lamp by Ariel Rojo and think the combination of the two differing elements is genius! An energy saving bulb is attached to the piggybank like pig as if it were its tail, the play on ways of saving money is excellent and if you can help to save the planet a little at the same time what’s not to love?!

Energy Saving Piggy Bank

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The Beauty Of Vegas–Art/Technology/Interiors

Vegas is a city of excess and the new Cosmopolitan Hotel fits this stereotype perfectly with its $3.9 billion budget. It opened in December 2010 and it is the lobby of the project that interests me the most. Designed by Digital Kitchen, guests are welcomed into the space with a stunning electronic art installation as shown below.


Images play and dance across the 8 columns that seamlessly integrate into the overall design. The project uses photography, film and both 2D and 3D animation to create constantly changing imagery. This in turn means the character of the space is ever changing, something that is unique and constantly unexpected for users.

It is not only beautiful but entertaining and is a far classier element than what resides in most Las Vegas Interiors.


The different subject matters melt into each other, one minute it could be showing architectural images the next could be animals. This ever changing element is representative of each guests encounter with the hotel. Each person will have a different experience and stay within the hotel just as each person will be greeted by a different part of the installations animation.

The film below provides more details about the project and also shows the piece in action. For more more information you can also head to the My Modern Met blog.

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QR Codes In The City

Looking at human interactions and communication in the urban environment is something I have begun to find fascinating. As technology develops and becomes both well known and accessible, people are beginning to interact with each other and the inanimate world in different ways.

QR codes are like barcodes that can be read with the aid of a camera phone and barcode reader app. By scanning the barcode information can be sent to the device or the user can be directed to a specific webpage. QR codes are popping up all over the place but I particularly like the way they have been used in the advertisement below.

QR advertising 1

The poster was spotted by Michael Surtees in New York and was posted on his blog (Design Notes). The poster is advertising an exhibition and uses the QR code, replicated to form a striking image. There is also a code at a lower level that can be scanned by passers by to get more information on the exhibition.

The design is extremely clever, and could almost allow the advertisement to be wordless. Those intrigued by the image can simply scan the code and get all the information they need!

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Streetwear Shop Window You Control

A group of Hyper Island students were asked to come up with a way of connecting a streetwear brand to music or art. The solution was an interactive display window.

Interactive Window 1

Using a backlit projection screen and heat sensors to detect the users, as a person moves in front of the window they get to control how the person on screen acts. Data can be input by users so the personalised set of movements you create can be named. As a marketing project, this is perfect. The clothing brand is aimed at those who engage in urban sports such as free running and skating so being able to see the items in action is great.

The video above shows the window in action.

For more information click here and for behind the scenes images and footage of the project simply click here.

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