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My New Stationery Lust!

Ok so by now you may have gathered that I like stationery. It is a strange addiction that is just as out of control as my kitchenware habit but hey I could be into worse things!

I spotted this stationery set on Dezeen and would very much like it to be in my life.

stationery set

The set, part of the Buro  collection was created by the Design Wright studio in collaboration with the brand Lexon. The range comes in several colours and was designed to commemorate Lexon’s 20th birthday.

Now how can I get my hands on one?


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Laugh Out Loud Letters

The letters featured below are by Sapling Press and are available at These hilarious little notes made my day so I thought I would share a few of them!

Sapling Press

Sapling Pressa

For more of the same head to Dear Blank Please Blank.

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Stationery That Brings Photoshop Tools To Life

A world where the tools of Photoshop exist in real life would certainly be an interesting one and with the invention of a pen that can read and deploy colour like the Photoshop eyedropper tool gets us one step closer to this dream world!

A sensor in the tip of the pen scans a surface, the colour is then displayed on the panel on the side of the pen and the RGB cartridges inside mix to create the exact colour that has been scanned! The pen is by the Korean designer Jinsu Park but unfortunately I can’t find any links to his website, just other blogs!

The images below show the pen in action and how it works!

Reading colour

writing colour

pen components

Now can someone please invent real life copy and paste and ctl z buttons!

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Perfect Present For An Architecture Geek!

I’m not going to lie, I have a small obsession with all things stationery and so the Free Form Ruler grabbed my attention in an instant!

What looks like a pencil is actually a measuring tool. You simply trace along the subject that needs to be measured and the clever South Korean technology inside does all the rest!

An LED display on the side reveals the measured length and by simply twisting the end of the pencil you can choose to measure in a number of different units or convert the length you have already measured.monocomplex 1

The pencil is by Monocomplex and is not only practical but has a slick, aesthetically pleasing design. Unfortunately I have been unable to find a website where I can get my hands on one!

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Staple Art

staple art 2 Im loving this piece by Baptiste Debombourg. Using staples to create art, I would love to see a piece like this in an urban context possibly over a poster wall that is already covered in staples.

staple art 3

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Minibar For The Mind

Next week is my birthday and in a bit of work procrastination I decided to have a look for some unusual gifts I could hint at for people to get me! The Minibar For The Mind instantly stood out.

minibar 6

Designed by The School Of Life in collaboration with the Morgans Hotel Group, the School Of Life is a London based firm that offers advice and ideas for everyday life. They are a ‘social enterprise’ addressing important questions and issues such as “why work is often unfulfilling” and “why its even harder to stay calm”.

The minibar is available from luxury vending machines within the Morgans Hotel Group and a select few shops in America.

Minibar 3

“The minibar for the mind contains an intriguing and thought provoking alternative to the usual minibar fare”

Minibar 2

The set includes:

  • Conversation Starters- 250 cards of quotes, questions and ideas.
  • Collected Thoughts- A collection of articles written by members of the School Of Life and its collaborators.
  • Reading Prescriptions- Two scrolls held in test tubes, designed to evoke feelings of relaxation or seduction.
  • A Dream and Fears Notebook- Aesthetically this is my favourite element. A simple embossed covered notebook to be used as an outlet for your fears and dreams.
  • Writers Block Pencil Set- To use with the dream notebook the pencils have quotes on them from Twain, Orwell and Sterne.

Minibar 1Minibar 5

The set looks fantastic and I would hope that its content is as clever and well thought out as the overall aesthetic. Such a thing would not only be a great idea in a hotel but great as a general standby for everyday life! A bargain at $56 or £35.

So who is getting me one for my birthday?

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