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F1 Is Back!

Last weekend the F1 season kicked off in Australia. The race wasn’t quite as exciting as predicted but as a huge fan not even the 6am wake up call would have put me off!

Shortly after the excitement of the grand prix had worn off I came across this little beauty below. The artist Chris Labrooy takes a humorous look back at the events of last years formula 1 calendar through his set of 3D illustrations entitled Toy Stories.

F1 is back

This image represents the goings on from last years Melbourne GP. The image shows Vettel reading the book ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ whilst in bed with his car. The images plays on the fact that Vettel names each of his cars girls names (such as Randy Mandy or Kate’s Dirty Sister) and by Melbourne he had had two successive races where he had suffered from mechanical failures.

For a full set of images head over to Labrooy’s website or for some more information about the images and the races they relate to My Modern Met has a great analysis.


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Public Skateboarding? Good or Bad?

Since looking at free running I have been considering other forms of sporting activities that could occur in a public space. Skateboarders and BMX riders instantly came to mind.

The Bench below has been specifically designed to prevent skate boarding. Although the bench is beautiful I cant help but dislike the idea that its purpose is to prevent something that can bring joy to so many. The bench is called the Zipper Bench and is by WXY Architecture + Urban Design.Zipper BenchThe bench in the image below does the exact opposite of that above. Its purpose is to aid grinding. Its form is simple, elegant and purposeful.

In my study of Architecture a key idea that was often engaged was that of an ‘active frontage’. The idea was to create a self policing space by surrounding a space with functions or activities. By surrounding the bench below with activities the use of the bench in the middle should be limited to non-threatening pursuits. Groups of kids hanging around and vandalising the area should be reduced. Instead people are given a space to gather and have fun with the urban sports they enjoy, but as they are surrounded by other people going about their everyday lives they should be less inclined to misbehave.Tom Hawes Skateable Furniture

The bench above is from a range of ‘Skateable Furniture’ by Tom Hawes. Hawes himself states “The design of public spaces needs to respond to the uses of it by the public. If young people are using these spaces for positive activities like skateboarding, then the design of these spaces needs to evolve alongside these new uses, not discourage and criminalize, alienating and socially excluding the youth.”

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Urban Environments From Another Angle

In my attempt to view high streets slightly differently I have been considering different ways that people use spaces. Free runners certainly take a different view on the urban environment and in my research I came across this film by Kaspar Astrup Schroder.

The above video is a trailer for My Playground, a film mostly based in Copenhagen that explores how people interact with urban environments.

For more information click here

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