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The Perfect Cup Of Tea with MyCuppa

I admitted recently that I had never made a cup of tea in my life. This caused great upset amongst my friends and I was immediately forced to make one. The results were shameful. I can’t stand the smell so I never have drink the stuff. For me making a cup of tea for my rather picky friend was as easy as a vegetarian cooking the perfect steak for a carnivore!

Clearly what I needed was the MyCuppa mug. Spotted on Recraft and available to buy on Amazon I may have to invest just so I don’t disappoint future guests!


The colour guide around the inside of the mug allows guests to simply choose what colour they wish for their tea. Then the maker can add the appropriate amount of milk, perfect! You may question the need, believing it far too easy to make a cup of tea, well lucky you!


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Time In Words–A Clock With A Difference

The Qlocktwo by Biegert & Funk is unique. It tells you the time in not only words but complete sentences. Taking a literal approach to the way we read time has created a new concept in clocks and this idea supported by the sleek and beautiful design of Biegert & Funk has produced a fantastic product.


The interchangeable faceplate looks as if it is floating, fixed to a back support by only magnets. The faceplate comes in a range of 7 colours and the clock is available in over 10 languages. The clock isn’t cheap at $1000 but good news! The company has come up with an iPhone/Android app that can be downloaded for just 99 cents. The Image below shows the different ways the app can show time based on the original concept for the wall clock. A perfect partner for the project!


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