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May Presentation (Prezi)

SketchUp Walk Through Of Design

Prezi Presentation


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Vertical Grass

I have been researching ways of getting greenery into cities in unusual ways so have been looking at grass as wall coverings. Below are a couple of the best examples I have come across so far…

Grass 1a

Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey have become famous for the work they have been doing with grass over the past decade. Their technique involves spraying a clay mixture over a surface and then individually planting seeds. The seeds are watered and grow for a couple of weeks to form a thick, layer of grass. Unfortunately the affect is only temporary but the result is staggering. The building above is Dilston Grove, a beautiful but now derelict cathedral. The entire inside and outside of the structure was covered by the pair to create this fantastic piece of art.

grass 2a

This showroom designed by Vector Architects to display green technology has a more permanent grass covering. A grass panel system is used to cover both the walls and the roof of the structure and has a number of benefits including a  high thermal efficiency on top of its great appearance.

I don’t think I have ever seen a grass wall in person but I think they would be a great addition to many cold, grey urban environments in the UK.

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Urban Farm, Tokyo

This small urban farm designed by On Design Partners is in Roppongi, central Tokyo and grows vegetables that are cooked and eaten in the adjacent restaurant. The design is made up of glass box units, sat on a wooden deck and the result is a brilliant injection of greenery in an extremely urban environment

Farm 1a

It is not just the concept that I love but the simple visuals that the company have produced. The image may not be particularly sophisticated but gets the project ideas across simply and effectively.

Farm 2

More towns and cities should definitely consider projects like this. It creates a great source of local produce as well as an unusual space to be explored. On Design Partners could even produce these modules, ready made to be dropped into any urban or rural environment.

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Nike–The Landscape of Advertising

I came across a series of stills from this advert online Nike 3and at a quick glance down the page I thought I had come across a great art installation or a cleverly designed landscape. In fact it was all artificially computer generated to advertise the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly 3.

I wish that this was a piece of art! It would be an incredible feature to an outdoor landscaped space. The different affects it would produce day and night would be incredible. In the day, it would cast beautiful shadows and at night glowing like this would create a great atmosphere in the space. Maybe Nike should produce this in real life, it would be great for advertising.

Nike 1a

The advert was produced by Post Panic for Nike  and you can watch it for yourself below.

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