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The Perfect Cup Of Tea with MyCuppa

I admitted recently that I had never made a cup of tea in my life. This caused great upset amongst my friends and I was immediately forced to make one. The results were shameful. I can’t stand the smell so I never have drink the stuff. For me making a cup of tea for my rather picky friend was as easy as a vegetarian cooking the perfect steak for a carnivore!

Clearly what I needed was the MyCuppa mug. Spotted on Recraft and available to buy on Amazon I may have to invest just so I don’t disappoint future guests!


The colour guide around the inside of the mug allows guests to simply choose what colour they wish for their tea. Then the maker can add the appropriate amount of milk, perfect! You may question the need, believing it far too easy to make a cup of tea, well lucky you!


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A Graffiti Artists Dream Sketchpad

I spotted this little beauty on Recraft, a great website full of quirky products. The Walls Notebook available on amazon features 80 pages of blank New York City walls, just ready to be covered in graffiti.


I love this idea and although I am not a graffiti artist myself the chance to play at being the next Banksy would be brilliant. With the scale and complexity of modern graffiti art I can imagine that a huge amount of planning goes in to their production, making this notebook ideal. Purists on the other hand may hate this element of planning, seeing graffiti as spontaneous and random. Personally I love it and as the notebook is only $11.39 it made it on to my mental shopping wishlist instantly!

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Where do you read? Wish it was somewhere like this?

Yesterday was officially the longest day in the UK so there is no denying it summer is here. This is the time of year when I get the chance to relax and do some reading but at the moment, my room being decorated I am bunking in my sisters room and I find it impossible to read in there. It just doesn’t work somehow. It got me thinking, if I could design a reading spot what would it look like?

Here are some other designers ideas…


House On The Flight Of Birds, Portugal by Bernardo Rodrigues features this beautiful little window seat. Great for kids but I just hope they also included an adult sized version!

I love architectural details such as that above but for those looking to add a reading nook to their home how about some of these pieces of furniture below.


This bookcase with built in seat is called Cave and features an ergonomically shaped seat with reading light above. Again I think this is a great idea for kids but I can’t actually imagine using it myself.

book div

This is more like something I can imagine using, less claustrophobic and higher off the ground, this angular design by Guy Eddington is great. Something that could fit in with your furniture without being obtrusive. For me a place to read should be quiet, discreet and this ticks those boxes.


Discreet is certainly not how you could describe this seat, with built in shelving by Etsy. I do like its form but for me it conflicts with the nature of its use. A more subtle version, less neon, more natural would be fantastic!

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Stylish Cables

We really are living in a world where every tiny mundane part of everyday life is being redesigned to incorporate a bit of fun! and I love it! New concepts are popping up everyday, some better than others but it is the work of iida a Japanese company that has really stood out for me lately. The company produces a great range of designs, that take a slightly different look at objects we use all the time.


Above and below are great example of this approach. The designers at iida have produced a series of AC adapters where a feature has been made of the cable, something that would normally be considered an eyesore. Birds, army men and Alice in Wonderland are amongst the designs available to buy on the company shopping site.


I think this is a brilliant idea. A product that I could definitely see being copied and mass produced across the world. It would be great for a teenagers bedroom or just for adults with taste on the quirky side (like me!). The bird option is certainly going on my wish list!


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Not Just A Floor! Take a Closer Look.

This installation, simply titled Floor is by the artist Do-Ho Suh. the piece is made up of glass plates that look as if they are being supported by little people. Standing on the platform visitors can only really see little dots of colour below them, It takes some closer inspection to really discover what the piece is about.


The piece created specifically for the Indianapolis Museum Of Art is extremely subtle in the space, unusual considering the complexity of the piece. The idea is that the piece discusses how people explore places, particularly communal spaces.


The idea of standing on people may evoke other thoughts within the exhibitions users but I have to say I think this is extremely clever. A simple idea that has been executed very effectively, producing an exhibition that is a real experience for its users. Fantastic!


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Little Miss Google

The day before a project hand in at university tends to be rather stressful but when I found myself on Google I stopped, smiled and had a bit of a procrastinate. To celebrate important events and dates Google often changes its header picture for a day and on this day (9th May) it would have been the 76th birthday of Charles Roger Hargreaves who died in 1988. The English Author wrote and illustrated the Mr. Men and Little Miss series so this little gesture by Google is a fitting tribute to his work. The books have sold over 85 million copies worldwide, I had many of them myself as a child so happening upon these creations was a real treat.

If you didn’t catch them yourself here is the full set of 16 drawings that appeared on the website.

Little Miss Google

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What Font Is Your Tash?

Just a quick blog to show you guys this great poster by Tor Weeks. Moustaches and fonts somehow go hand in hand on my interior design course and following a lecture based around fonts and a social based around moustaches thought this was perfect! Enjoy!Tash1stachecloseup

For more information on the posters click here.

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