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Gravity Meet Your Archenemy

This is the tagline for the Gel-Blur 33 trainers by Asics. I saw the ad for the product online and instantly wanted to blog about it. Such a simple, clever concept that fits the brand image and product perfectly. Well worth a watch!


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Nike–The Landscape of Advertising

I came across a series of stills from this advert online Nike 3and at a quick glance down the page I thought I had come across a great art installation or a cleverly designed landscape. In fact it was all artificially computer generated to advertise the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly 3.

I wish that this was a piece of art! It would be an incredible feature to an outdoor landscaped space. The different affects it would produce day and night would be incredible. In the day, it would cast beautiful shadows and at night glowing like this would create a great atmosphere in the space. Maybe Nike should produce this in real life, it would be great for advertising.

Nike 1a

The advert was produced by Post Panic for Nike  and you can watch it for yourself below.

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Streetwear Shop Window You Control

A group of Hyper Island students were asked to come up with a way of connecting a streetwear brand to music or art. The solution was an interactive display window.

Interactive Window 1

Using a backlit projection screen and heat sensors to detect the users, as a person moves in front of the window they get to control how the person on screen acts. Data can be input by users so the personalised set of movements you create can be named. As a marketing project, this is perfect. The clothing brand is aimed at those who engage in urban sports such as free running and skating so being able to see the items in action is great.

The video above shows the window in action.

For more information click here and for behind the scenes images and footage of the project simply click here.

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Books and Technology, How Augmented Reality is Combining The Two

Augmented reality is something that I have been interested in for a while and wrote about in my pre-blog days. For my project work I am looking into ways of getting information to individual users that requires them to interact with an object or space so the concept of this book is an ideal case study.

Between Page and Screen is a book of 20 poems by Amaranth Borsuk that can only be read using the aid of a webcam and augmented reality. The book itself features black and white geometric shapes and a website address. When you access this website and hold up the book to a webcam the poem appears on screen. It could almost be considered a modern day pop up book!

As you turn the pages or move the book around the image on screen responds accordingly. Yes this may be detracting from the poetry itself and it is the method of reading rather than the content that takes the stage but in a world so driven by technology I feel this would be a brilliant way of getting children to read and interact with subject matter. Learning devices could be incorporated into the programme to make the most of this technique.

The video below shows the book in action.

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Urban Environments From Another Angle

In my attempt to view high streets slightly differently I have been considering different ways that people use spaces. Free runners certainly take a different view on the urban environment and in my research I came across this film by Kaspar Astrup Schroder.

The above video is a trailer for My Playground, a film mostly based in Copenhagen that explores how people interact with urban environments.

For more information click here

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Altrincham, Who Has Been Here?

Having grown up in Altrincham, a small town outside Manchester with not that much going on, I was fairly convinced that very few interesting and exciting people had ever set foot in the place. I have got to say, I have been proven entirely wrong!

My MA project is about the regeneration of Altrincham’s high street and so I am looking at Altrincham’s history to inform my design. I want to allow the streets users to discover stories from the past about the place.

I intend to post my favourite snippets from the past and come up with ways of weaving these past identities into my design.

As a Mancunian myself it would be impossible to dislike Joy Division! I can’t believe they came to Altrincham and played in the Old Market Tavern. A pub that still exists and still holds band nights to this day.

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Sub City by Sarah Klein


A group of MA students and I visited Berlin last week and as most tourists we spent our time hoping on and off the train system. On my return I came across this short film and it really made me think of my time in Berlin. Emerging from a station into a different world, with unexpected views and surprises just waiting to be found, each train ride could open up possibilities for new experiences.

The film silences the chaos of the street and instead allows the viewer to focus on the framed view as you ascend into the outside world. I wish I could go back, put in my headphones, zone out the world and experience this for myself.

The film is by Sarah Klein and Tom Mason, for more information click here.

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