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Autumn Colours 2011

Trend watching is relevant to all designers, particularly forecasting future styles. Rebecca Taylor  , has produced a selection of pantone colours to detail what she thinks will be prominent in fashion collections this autumn. The colour selection is created for Pantone by reviewing the collections shown at New York fashion week.

Trend Colours Autumn 2011 2

The images shown here represent the female palette, there is also a male palette which varies slightly from that of the female palette. Each of the colours has been selected from an individual shows, more information on the chosen colours is available on

Trend Colours Autumn 2011


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A Stairway of Colour Heaven

I recently came across the Holsteiner Stairs pictured below and I love them. They are a simple idea, well executed and bring a big injection of colour and attitude to what could have been a fairly bland streetscape.

Holsteiner stairs 1

The painted stairs, in Wuppertal, Germany are by the artist Horst Glasker. The piece entitled Scala features a series of individually painted steps and on each step is a different German word. The words are used to describe different relationships between humans. The piece is not just beautiful it is a well thought out social commentary.

Holsteiner stairs 2

The piece is now five years old but the ideas are as fresh today as ever and I could see this idea being replicated in a number of cities.

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Its a Colourful World…

I spotted this diagram on anArchitecture. The article originally from Detail Magazine really grabbed my attention. Having just returned from Berlin one of the big things we picked up on was the tendency for buildings to be painted random bright colours. Both external and internal environments really embraced the use of bright colours in a way that is definitely not so common in the UK.

The image shows how the use of colours has varied in the last half century. The colours today certainly are the boldest!

German Interior Colours

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Pour Painting


Holton Rower is the artist and sculptor responsible for the beautiful art piece above. Inspired by the abstract expressionism of the likes of Jackson Pollock, Rower’s ‘pour painting’ sets out to celebrate the creative process and artist’s medium.

The film below shows the creative process in action and I think the outcome is amazing. It is such a simple idea and I could see it being used in a number of different ways. Yes this is art but how incredible would this look as part of a display in a retail space?

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Cities In Colour

page examples

In semester one during a flaneur around Manchester I decided to photograph the different textures and surfaces that surrounded me. I discovered that the images gathered could easily have been taken in almost any city in the UK. I created a mini fold out swatch book (right) showing the varying details that make up the palate of Britain’s urban landscape and continued by analysing the patterns, shapes and colours that emerged from the study.

Continuing my research into the urban environment I discovered this research project by Haus der Farbe. The team analysed the use of colour in Zurich, creating a book, colour guide and 96 colour portraits. The result could be considered a complete colour history of Zurich from 1900 to the present day.

The images below show the cities colour guide or Epochenfächer and the colour portrait for Augustinergasse a street in Zurich

Epochenfacher or colour guide

Augustinergasse Zurich colour portrait

I am amazed by the range and predominance of bright colours that Zurich has. I cant help but feel that a city such as Manchester would have a far more dour range of colours.

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