Hello World!

My name is Jocelyn and I am currently studying MA Interior Design at UCLAN. I came to the university after completing my undergraduate degree in Architecture at Newcastle University and hope to complete my MA study in January 2012.

In my first semester at UCLAN we were asked to complete a reflective diary to record research and how design ideas progressed. To continue this record of study my fellow students and I have set up both collective and individual blogs.

To view my blog simply head back to the homepage or to check out my fellow students hit the links tab at the top of the page.



2 responses to “About

  1. Hello!

    I’ve no idea if you’ll remember me, we studied architecture together at Newcastle. I just stumbled onto this blog looking for photos of that street furniture in Vienna, the huge loungers. I hope you don’t mind me pinching one of the photos, I remember the loungers from when I was visiting over there and want to include them in a photomontage I need to quickly do for my thesis.

    Anyway, how’s UCLAN treating you? I hope it’s all going well. Do you hear from anyone from the course? We’ve nearly finished the BArch, hopefully I’ll manage to find a job somewhere. Not easy at the moment! I was actually hoping to head off to the continent, but my lack of foreign languages (other than some Dutch) doesn’t really help.

    Anyway, your blog’s great. It just makes me want to do more travelling…

    Hope you’re well,


    • Hey!

      I do remember you! Undergrad feels a very long time ago now. I am loving my post grad. We were asked to start a blog as part of it and I have to say it has become kind of addictive!

      I have been lucky enough to do a bit of travelling, Vienna was amazing, would love to go back! The loungers change colour every year from what I found on flickr. I would love to combine travel and work for a few years after uni but like you language will be the issue. Good luck with finishing the course and finding a job. Bad times for everyone graduating in design at the moment, my course is 18 months so I finish at a random time which could be weird for people recruiting but o well.

      Good to hear from you, Its been weird how many people have stumbled across my blog!


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