Stylish Cables

We really are living in a world where every tiny mundane part of everyday life is being redesigned to incorporate a bit of fun! and I love it! New concepts are popping up everyday, some better than others but it is the work of iida a Japanese company that has really stood out for me lately. The company produces a great range of designs, that take a slightly different look at objects we use all the time.


Above and below are great example of this approach. The designers at iida have produced a series of AC adapters where a feature has been made of the cable, something that would normally be considered an eyesore. Birds, army men and Alice in Wonderland are amongst the designs available to buy on the company shopping site.


I think this is a brilliant idea. A product that I could definitely see being copied and mass produced across the world. It would be great for a teenagers bedroom or just for adults with taste on the quirky side (like me!). The bird option is certainly going on my wish list!



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