Not Just A Floor! Take a Closer Look.

This installation, simply titled Floor is by the artist Do-Ho Suh. the piece is made up of glass plates that look as if they are being supported by little people. Standing on the platform visitors can only really see little dots of colour below them, It takes some closer inspection to really discover what the piece is about.


The piece created specifically for the Indianapolis Museum Of Art is extremely subtle in the space, unusual considering the complexity of the piece. The idea is that the piece discusses how people explore places, particularly communal spaces.


The idea of standing on people may evoke other thoughts within the exhibitions users but I have to say I think this is extremely clever. A simple idea that has been executed very effectively, producing an exhibition that is a real experience for its users. Fantastic!



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One response to “Not Just A Floor! Take a Closer Look.

  1. Ross

    That’s brilliant!

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