My First Trip To Blackpool

Just writing the title of this post I felt like I was back at school writing an essay about what I had been up to over a holiday! Summer is officially here, now that my last assignment has been handed in so let the spontaneous road trips commence! The first stop, Blackpool!Blackpool4It was deemed a crime to be northern and have never been to this seaside town so a few of my fellow course mates and I jumped in a car and headed over to the beach. I didn’t quite know what was in store for me but a stroll along the edge of the beach, sweet treats in hand and wander along the deserted pier was the perfect remedy for the past few weeks, trapped inside doing university work. I may have lost a few quid in the amusement arcades and I don’t know how well I would cope during high season but for a chilled afternoon in the sun it was perfect.

Blackpool5The photos here are a few I took while I was there, the beautiful weather did all the work for me!Blackpool1


Blackpool3To view all the photos from my trip click here for my flickr account.


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