Origami Art

Below is a couple of examples of the art of Sipho Mabona. All Sipho’s work is paper based origami and absolutely incredible. Sipho began building paper planes as a child and after exhausting this line of creativity moved on to the more complex world of origami. The patience and care he puts into his work  is amazing, the shapes, lines and folds of every piece look perfect.


Seeing the images of the pieces against a white backdrop shows them off brilliantly but it was seeing them clustered in a more unusual environment (below) that I really responded to. I wonder what the the art would look like if installed in an even more urban space. Something bright and colourful against the back drop of a cold concrete city. I am sure the paper could be treated in some way to give the pieces some longevity even if just for a short period of time and the results would look great.


More information and more of his paper pieces are available on Mabona’s website.


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  1. Beautiful stuff! I’ve only been able to fold cranes with origami paper — but the work that Mabona is creating is very, very cool. Thanks for sharing this!

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