A Modern Market

It may be an unoriginal place to start in may quest to find new concepts in markets but after my usual blogs yielded few results I went straight to google and simply searched ‘modern markets’. The place that kept popping up was this in Celje, Slovenia by Arhitektura Krušec and I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed by this.

Slovenia Market1a

The 410 sqm market, at the heart of the city acts as almost a covered town square. The function of the space is traditional but the design is highly modern. The different angles of the roof allows sun light right into the centre of the space. The plan is divided up into areas, defining functions.

Slovenia Market1b

The colours of the scheme are neutral, a perfect contrast to the colourful produce sold on the stalls. The stalls are to be laid out on long,  permanent concrete tables with separate storage areas available. The design is sleek and, hard, possibly something you wouldn’t expect in a market but here it really works. The use of white, metal, warm wood tones and glass, gives a creative and diverse materials palate, that is only complete with the addition of its users and produce.

Slovenia Market1c

The images are courtesy of the Architektura Krušec website where more information is also available.


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