QR Codes In The City

Looking at human interactions and communication in the urban environment is something I have begun to find fascinating. As technology develops and becomes both well known and accessible, people are beginning to interact with each other and the inanimate world in different ways.

QR codes are like barcodes that can be read with the aid of a camera phone and barcode reader app. By scanning the barcode information can be sent to the device or the user can be directed to a specific webpage. QR codes are popping up all over the place but I particularly like the way they have been used in the advertisement below.

QR advertising 1

The poster was spotted by Michael Surtees in New York and was posted on his blog (Design Notes). The poster is advertising an exhibition and uses the QR code, replicated to form a striking image. There is also a code at a lower level that can be scanned by passers by to get more information on the exhibition.

The design is extremely clever, and could almost allow the advertisement to be wordless. Those intrigued by the image can simply scan the code and get all the information they need!


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