City Branding At The Guggeheim, Berlin

Looking back at my trip to Berlin in March, there are many things that stood out. The grabber games machine below is one of them and is perfect for my MA research into city branding.

ASnow 3

I spotted the grabber machine at the Guggenheim in Germany. It was part of an exhibition called All Access World by the artist Agathe Snow. The machine is covered in the branding for the exhibition and in each of the balls that can be won is an item that was also available in the gift shop. Each prize is also something that in some way represented Berlin such as a Brandenburg  Gate cookie cutter or elastic bands shaped like a number of other memorials or buildings in Berlin.

Agathe Snow 1a

Placing this game on the street rather than in an exhibition would create a great branding tool for the city. Locating it near different points of interest, with relevant prizes inside.

More information on the exhibition is available on the Guggenheim website.


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