Street Furniture With A Story

In a continuing look at interesting street furniture I came across this bench by Stephen Shaheen. The Bench exhibited at the Sloan Fine Art Gallery, New York is made up of discarded metrocards wrapped around a steel frame.

Bench 1

There is an irony in that the bench, itself a place of rest is made up of something that is used to travel. Each of the 5,000 metrocards was collected by the artist in under a week with the help of Craigslist. “There is something very personal about handling so many small belongings that were once riding around in peoples’ pockets. There are untold stories in that inconspicuous flimsy plastic,” (Shaheen).

Bench 1a

I love the concept of the bench. In my preblog days I did a study on site specific art and this would have fitted in perfectly! The object is so suited to New York, it holds the stories of the people, most probably mundane, the journey to and from work but there will be some that contain a far more interesting tale. I can see this idea being replicated in other cities, with other artists sculptural concepts and new sets of local stories.

Bench 6

More information can be found on Inhabitat NYC.


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