Shop On A Corner

During my design work at university I have been contemplating what could be achieved by carving up existing buildings to create more interesting internal and external spaces. This combined with retrofit is an element of my high street renewal project.

In order to inform my design process I have been looking for buildings that have been adapted or simply buildings whose form creates more dynamic spaces.

Shop On A Corner 1

The Garoa store Sao Paulo by Una Architects (above) may not be an adaptation, (it was built from scratch on a small corner plot) but its plan is extremely interesting. The corner plot in retail and architectural terms is quite interesting as it gives double the exposure onto the street. In this case the architects didn’t want to just consider the building as facades, instead by creating an indentation at the corner point of the plan and with the clever junction of transparent and opaque materials, an appreciation of the volume of the space is instead afforded to the viewer.

Shop On A Corner 6

Walking along the street towards the store you may just be presented with a black concrete wall that has been carefully cut away to give a glimpse at what is held inside and then when you round the corner the space opens up to you. From this corner point you can see straight through the building to the small courtyard behind the sales floor. The flooring continues inside and out, visually blurring the lines between the internal and external. To view the building at different angles is exciting! It is this sense of drama and the consideration of the users discovery of the store and experience once inside that I find most fascinating.

Shop On A Corner 1a

Click here for more information on this project.


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