Upside Down At Viktor & Rolf

Looking into the experience of retail it occurred to me to take a look at more surreal environments. Viktor & Rolf’s first store in Milan instantly came to mind (or my sisters mind to be precise!).Viktor & Rolf 5The store was designed by Viktor and Rolf in collaboration with the architect Siebe Tettero who also helped them with their headquarters in Amsterdam. The store uses the ‘recognizable and familiar’ and literally turns it on its head. The design may have been completed in 2005 but it is still highly relevant today. To flip a standard high street store on its head would surely thrill the public and to have done so using such a bold neo-classical style is genius. Viktor & Rolf are famous for being unconventional and their store only acts to solidify this quirky reputation

Viktor & Rolf 1aChoosing a neo-classical style, could have posed logistical problems, due to the presence of arches but they have been cleverly incorporated into the design as seating. I also love the chandeliers that sprout out of the floor, they almost look like mini lit up trees.

The idea was so good it was copied last year by GAP. They added some crafty elements to the design such as flipping over a couple of cars in the street outside the shop but for me the Viktor and Rolf store wins hands down!



For more information on the Viktor & Rolf store click here and for the GAP store here!


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