Retail Envy

In my quest to come up with a new concept for a failing high street I have been looking at stores that occupy spaces differently and the retail project below certainly fills this criteria.

The store is a collaboration between fashion designer Siki Im and design office Leong Leong. The project sees existing spaces transformed with the introduction of a unique intervention. In this case the intervention is also a retail space in New York.

Siki Im Leong Leong 1bThe structure was once a trailer, used for sales and has been completely transformed both internally and externally. The inside has been split with a ramp that creates a gathering space above and a more intimate space to display clothes in below. The structure has been covered and reshaped with the use of a soy-based spray foam. Users are encouraged to explore the space, almost happening upon the collection of clothes at each end of the ramp. Seating and display areas are carved directly out of the foam, creating further niches to be used and explored. The structure ‘reinforces the dichotomy of two environments – public and private, visible and invisible.’.

Siki Im Leong Leong 1aThe space is beautiful and I can imagine shopping here would be quite an experience. The collection is slick and modern and is a complimentary contrast to the rough, more organic surface of the structure.

The introduction of a temporary structure such as a trailer or mobile home that could be completely transformed by a designer would be an interesting introduction to my high street. Although this may be a costly idea it could give rise to a number of fascinating collaborations between designers. The opportunity to produce retail spaces housed in sculptural forms, embeded in the high street would be brilliant!

For more images and information about the Siki Im Store click here.


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