What If You Could Rearrange Your City?

My Masters Project work involves me carving up and reorganising a town centres high street in order to give it a better functionality. I have been looking into master planning and as such the work of Armelle Caron has been of great interest to me. The French artist takes a city map, simplifies its features into blocks and then creates a new system of organisation according to the shape and size of each element. The result is the Anagram Of The City.

Berlin 2

The final result of the project was not only two dimensional images (like those of Berlin above) but also featured 3,500 wooden pieces that represented the block forms of Paris. The pieces laid out on the floor almost became a giant jigsaw that the audience of the exhibition could play with. Recreating the city that they themselves occupy.

Paris Model

Looking at her process, just taking a map of my project area and simplifying forms would be a good start. Then deciding what shapes work together and how such shapes could be grouped better would be a great initial response to finding a solution for my high street.


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