Books and Technology, How Augmented Reality is Combining The Two

Augmented reality is something that I have been interested in for a while and wrote about in my pre-blog days. For my project work I am looking into ways of getting information to individual users that requires them to interact with an object or space so the concept of this book is an ideal case study.

Between Page and Screen is a book of 20 poems by Amaranth Borsuk that can only be read using the aid of a webcam and augmented reality. The book itself features black and white geometric shapes and a website address. When you access this website and hold up the book to a webcam the poem appears on screen. It could almost be considered a modern day pop up book!

As you turn the pages or move the book around the image on screen responds accordingly. Yes this may be detracting from the poetry itself and it is the method of reading rather than the content that takes the stage but in a world so driven by technology I feel this would be a brilliant way of getting children to read and interact with subject matter. Learning devices could be incorporated into the programme to make the most of this technique.

The video below shows the book in action.


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