Young Designers Take Note and More Importantly Have A Giggle!

As a young designer myself people often forward me funny websites or images. I thought I would pass two of the best on to you. One that I printed and stuck on my wall as a helpful reminder and the other just something to read if you fancy a chuckle!

1. Although aesthetically this is not my thing I can’t help but agree with the posters content. The piece is by Doug Bartow of id29 and is in a way a good list to live your design life by.

22.5" sq_29_tips_v1

2. The second thing I want to show you is an article on the website Notes On Becoming A Famous Architect. In particular is an article entitled A Compromise Manifesto: 50 Techniques For Aspiring Starchitects.

The article is hilarious and I have come across a number of the featured personality traits. The article is a guide on how to act on becoming a Star Architect and includes such gems as…

1. Profess a commitment to collaborative design. Proceed by designing what ever you want.

17. Develop multiple personalities. Deploy as needed.

27. Interrupt, interrupt, interrupt.

31. Change part of the design during project documentation. Next, forget that you made this decision. Upon encountering the change as built on site. Fly into a rage.

49. Remember, inside you are just a child who needs to get his way.


For all students of design this article is a must read!


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