Design – A Kit of Parts?

As a designer it is easy to see a problem and want to come up with a solution. In my MA my world has suddenly become a lot more conceptual. Responding to problems isn’t a simple yes or no answer and no two designers would answer a question in the same way.

Today we had an interim crit to assess progress and confirm that our ideas were on the right track. Now I can really get stuck into design and start coming up with some of my own answers!

At this point I need to look at the research I have done and the ideas I have and dissect them. Work out my approach and how I can go about getting my ideas across.

At this stage, the photos below seemed appropriate. Pulling apart objects is the equivalent of what I need to do with my project.




The images are by Todd McLellan. He pulls apart, old objects such as cameras and typewriters and photographs them in exploded views and with all the components laid out.

For more information click here.


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