Altrincham, Who Has Been Here?

Having grown up in Altrincham, a small town outside Manchester with not that much going on, I was fairly convinced that very few interesting and exciting people had ever set foot in the place. I have got to say, I have been proven entirely wrong!

My MA project is about the regeneration of Altrincham’s high street and so I am looking at Altrincham’s history to inform my design. I want to allow the streets users to discover stories from the past about the place.

I intend to post my favourite snippets from the past and come up with ways of weaving these past identities into my design.

As a Mancunian myself it would be impossible to dislike Joy Division! I can’t believe they came to Altrincham and played in the Old Market Tavern. A pub that still exists and still holds band nights to this day.


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One response to “Altrincham, Who Has Been Here?

  1. martin

    yes, i livein altrincham, i used to know ian and played gigs in some of the same places at the same time

    its a crime what has happened to altrincham and how far it has slipped particularly in the last ten years


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