Minibar For The Mind

Next week is my birthday and in a bit of work procrastination I decided to have a look for some unusual gifts I could hint at for people to get me! The Minibar For The Mind instantly stood out.

minibar 6

Designed by The School Of Life in collaboration with the Morgans Hotel Group, the School Of Life is a London based firm that offers advice and ideas for everyday life. They are a ‘social enterprise’ addressing important questions and issues such as “why work is often unfulfilling” and “why its even harder to stay calm”.

The minibar is available from luxury vending machines within the Morgans Hotel Group and a select few shops in America.

Minibar 3

“The minibar for the mind contains an intriguing and thought provoking alternative to the usual minibar fare”

Minibar 2

The set includes:

  • Conversation Starters- 250 cards of quotes, questions and ideas.
  • Collected Thoughts- A collection of articles written by members of the School Of Life and its collaborators.
  • Reading Prescriptions- Two scrolls held in test tubes, designed to evoke feelings of relaxation or seduction.
  • A Dream and Fears Notebook- Aesthetically this is my favourite element. A simple embossed covered notebook to be used as an outlet for your fears and dreams.
  • Writers Block Pencil Set- To use with the dream notebook the pencils have quotes on them from Twain, Orwell and Sterne.

Minibar 1Minibar 5

The set looks fantastic and I would hope that its content is as clever and well thought out as the overall aesthetic. Such a thing would not only be a great idea in a hotel but great as a general standby for everyday life! A bargain at $56 or £35.

So who is getting me one for my birthday?


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