In The Pop Up Doghouse

Pop up ventures seem to literally be springing up everywhere at the moment to the point where I am beginning to question what makes them new and innovative? Then I saw this…Fold Down Tables

The Doghouse is a rooftop bar by Foolscap that was designed and built in just 24 hours. The bar was to last just 3 weeks and is reminiscent of a ‘prohibition era speakeasy’. As such elements of the design are concealed. Tables flip down from the walls and bottles are hidden behind the bar, suspended on ropes. The bar was simply constructed of plywood and incorporated modular elements for ease of construction. Where possible, furniture and props were borrowed to maintain Foolscap’s sustainable design ethos, necessary considering the length of the pop up.

hanging bottles

I know themes can be tacky but I actually think this one is pretty clever. The idea of prohibition is perfect for a modern pop up and this one has been particularly well executed. From the vintage tea cups to the materiality the overall look is surprisingly complete given its short conception time. This pop up is more than just throwing some clever furniture in an empty space this is a complete transformation to another era.

SeatingPropsBottles  For more information on this project simply click here.


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