Cities In Colour

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In semester one during a flaneur around Manchester I decided to photograph the different textures and surfaces that surrounded me. I discovered that the images gathered could easily have been taken in almost any city in the UK. I created a mini fold out swatch book (right) showing the varying details that make up the palate of Britain’s urban landscape and continued by analysing the patterns, shapes and colours that emerged from the study.

Continuing my research into the urban environment I discovered this research project by Haus der Farbe. The team analysed the use of colour in Zurich, creating a book, colour guide and 96 colour portraits. The result could be considered a complete colour history of Zurich from 1900 to the present day.

The images below show the cities colour guide or Epochenfächer and the colour portrait for Augustinergasse a street in Zurich

Epochenfacher or colour guide

Augustinergasse Zurich colour portrait

I am amazed by the range and predominance of bright colours that Zurich has. I cant help but feel that a city such as Manchester would have a far more dour range of colours.


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